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Teaching & Mentoring

Susan Shipton has been an educator for many years, offering continuing education for RMTs and other health professionals via: 

  • presentations and webinars

  • online clinical coaching and mentoring

  • NEW! online course on Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage

An online course for RMTs

"Grounded in science and guided by compassion, [Susan] makes the subject of Oncology Massage approachable and instills confidence..."

Did you know that 2 in 5 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime?

Do you feel confident and comfortable offering massage to someone following a cancer diagnosis?

Are you familiar with the side effects of cancer treatment, how massage therapy can help, and how to safely modify your massage treatment plan?


Join me for this 4-part/8-hour online course on oncology massage!


Four Wednesday evenings in October 2024

Part 1: October 9, 2024

Part 2: October 16, 2024     

Part 3: October 23, 2024

Part 4: October 30, 2024

Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm Eastern Time

Where: Live via Zoom (recordings will briefly be available to registrants unable to join live).


Early Bird Pricing $345 + 13% HST (until September 6, 2024)

Regular Pricing $390 + 13% HST

Please pay via etransfer to Thank you.

Space is limited! Click on the button below to secure your spot.                                     


Drawing on current research and over a decade of extensive experience, Susan presents valuable information for massage therapists on how to plan and deliver safe and effective treatments to help alleviate complications related to cancer treatment. Susan is an engaging and lively presenter passionate about sharing how massage therapy should be part of cancer care. This course will be delivered via Zoom and consist of visual presentations, short group work, and interactive discussions.


COURSE OUTLINE (subject to change)

Part 1:

Why be cancer informed?

Pathophysiology of cancer and metastasis.

Cancer staging and grading

Cancer-massage myths.

Part 2:

Cancer treatments & their side effects, including post-surgical scar tissue, chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy, nausea, radiation fibrosis, pain, fatigue.

How massage therapy may alleviate these complications.

How to modify massage treatment plans to remain safe.

Part 3:

Focus on Breast Cancer:

Types of breast cancer.

Lumpectomy vs Mastectomy.

Surgical options for reconstruction & revision surgeries.

Common complications, such as cording/axillary web syndrome, capsular contracture, fat necrosis, seromas.

Part 4:

Exercise & rehabilitation during and after cancer treatment.

Palliative massage.

Psycho-emotional experience for the RMT & self care.

Recommended resources.


"A thoughtfully laid-out course with a balanced mix of understanding cancer-related terminology, possible side-effects we may encounter, and busting old myths."


"I really enjoyed this course. It is clear Susan is both very knowledgeable and passionate about providing accurate effective care to cancer patients both during and after their cancer journey."


"This course gave me confidence to treat clients going through all stages of a cancer diagnosis."


"Susan is a wonderful presenter and instructor - she has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she shared with us in the course. It really helped answer many questions I had about oncology massage and addressed common concerns as well as furthering and updating my knowledge of how to approach patients in various stages of treatment and recovery." 

"I highly recommend this course."


  • Learn what cancer is and how metastasis occurs

  • Examine myths around massage and cancer

  • Discover what intake questions to ask and how to plan safe and beneficial massage therapy for someone following a cancer diagnosis 

  • Become familiar with common treatments for cancer and their side effects

  • Learn how to adapt and apply your massage therapy skills to alleviate complications to cancer treatment, including those unique to breast cancer

  • Understand the potential psycho-emotional effects of cancer treatment

  • Appreciate the value of massage therapy in end-of-life care

  • Discuss self-care for RMTs

Space is limited! Click on the button below to secure your spot.                                





Susan has been a registered massage therapist in Toronto since 2012 after graduating from Sutherland-Chan School. She knew as a student that she wanted to work with people with cancer and was first introduced to this rewarding field in the post-operative breast massage clinic at the school. In 2015, she became a Vodder-certified combined decongestive therapist trained in managing lymphedema, a common complication to cancer treatment, through manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging, and other means. She has maintained her certification by completing a three-day review course every two years. For eight years, she was part of the oncology team at a well-established cancer rebab clinic in Toronto, where she successfully treated a great volume of patients with different types of cancer and a variety of complications and experiences. In 2021, Susan completed a Master’s degree in Advanced Health Care Practice – Interprofessional Pain Management from Western University. She has written articles on breast cancer, trauma-informed care, compassion fatigue, and cancer-massage myths for Massage Therapy Today and presented on cancer-related pain and palliative massage at both the 2023 and 2024 RMTAO Education Conferences. During her previous career in book publishing, Susan was an instructor for seven years in the publishing program at Ryerson University (now Toronto Metropolitan University).


Questions?  Please Email Susan to discuss.

Forest Trees

Clinical Coaching & Mentoring

One-on-one online mentoring for RMTs looking for guidance with complex clinical cases, help evaluating current research, and suggestions on how to implement best practices in the arenas of general massage, cancer care, lymphedema and swelling, and aspects of pain management. Sessions are one-hour in length and are tailor-made for your needs. Please email Susan to discuss further.


Presentations & Webinars

Susan enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with other health professionals based on a foundation of current research. She has presented live and online on topics including massage and cancer, lymphedema management, and aspects of pain. In June 2023, she appeared twice in the program at the RMTAO Education Conference. Enquiries may be emailed to Susan.

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